Clay – Sr Project Manager – Large Defense Agency

March 31, 2011

File this under, “You don't know what you have until it is gone.”

This past year, my company has directed me to use contracting houses other than CBTeam. The differences in candidate quality, candidate support and customer service on the account has been stark. I could trust CBTeam to pre-qualify candidates before submitting them to me for my consideration; candidates from other contracting houses may not have ever met the person they are sending on the interview. A CBTeam candidate can usually begin working on very short notice; without any history with their candidates, other contracting houses have to drug test and verify citizenship over a period of days or weeks. Finally, a CBTeam candidate is better than the resume; with other houses, their candidates rarely perform up to the level of their resumes.

The CBTeam staff is honest and straightforward with their contractors, never promising them anything about a job that is not true. CBTeam strives to be a true partner to both its clients and its customers.

In short, I miss them!