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What We Do For You

Expert Talent for all Your Project Needs

CBTeam specializes in placing top-quality Learning, Technology, Graphics Design, Project Management, and other professionals.

We will provide either an individual contributor for your company, or we can create a team of professionals to help you reach your goals. We offer permanent, contract, or contract with right-to-hire placement.

CBTeam partners with you to gain a solid understanding of your requirements, business, and workstyle preferences. We become an extension of your team. Our client-first focus and steadfast desire to help you reach your goals is what sets CBTeam apart from the others.

Client Focused Solutions

Many recruiting firms today separate client project planning from staffing recruiting. Many use offshore recruiters with little knowledge of Instructional Design to find you candidates. Not CBTeam. The Client Partner you discuss the project with will be recruiting, interviewing, and vetting the candidates for you. Our Client Partners know the eLearning and training business, and carefully match a candidate to your specific requirements.

Targeted Resources

CBTeam does not “run a bench” of consultants and we do not coerce our clients into taking the consultants who happen to be available. Instead, we find out what type of resources our clients need for their specific project then we locate the right resource for them.